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our mission

Our mission is to empower the next generation of inventors, leaders and changemakers. We want them to have the creative confidence and curiosity to ask why and to challenge the status quo. We want them to test their ideas without fear, to actively look for feedback and to implement their ideas into real-life applications.

our values: 

 Make data-driven decisions
Be a problem solver
Disagree and commit 
Customer first 
Restless excellence
Own your shit

our story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple and it came through from the frustration of waiting for too long for us to be given the chance to experiment and create. 
Imagine your chemistry teacher doing all the experiments, and you're just sitting and watching, not so fun right? We all know how it feels like not to be given the chance to create, experiment, or even break things. 
In October of 2018, our founder Jade came up with the solution to this problem. She decided to create Katapult, a community of young inventors and change-makers, that would help spark kids' creativity. 
At Katapult, we give kids the power to create! We offer them a fun-filled roller-coaster ride through the world of science and technology. Children are curious by nature, and we nurture their curiosity right from the start. We aim to create a learning environment that enables kids aged 6- 13 to learn, strive and experiment.

Jade Li

Founder & CEO

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