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5 days of serious fun

If you've always wanted to introduce your curious child to the world of code, but didn't know how and you thought it was complicated, think again. This camp is the perfect for your child to learn how to code while creating their own animations and games

Make Your Creatures Come to Life with Code!

Code Club is a week-long camp where kids will spend 2 hours per day in the presence of our instructors to learn about coding through self-exploration and working on experiments with our campers. Campers learn coding concepts like sequencing, loops, and conditionals while having fun! They make their own animations and games. We want our campers to engage in life-long learning and encourage them to push the limits of what they learn with us.

Learning Outcomes




Creative Thinking



During this week our campers will:

  • Create their own characters

  • Animate their characters with movement and sound using code

  • Create their own mini games with code using loops and conditionals


Above all, their learning will be fun and engaging. Throughout this week they will also be able to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills and understanding of working in groups. 

What they say about us


The workshops conducted by Katapult are very hands-on and encourage the children to be curious. Children are given the opportunity to carry out their own experiments/ investigations in an interactive and fun way. I would strongly recommend.

- Wendy, mum of a 10-year old


It's like magic


- Liam, 6 years old



Perfect for any kid who wants to get started with coding

Age 6-8

Rs 2000

Beginner level

No prerequisites

5 days

2 hours per day

Meet our Instructors