Code Block

Coding Camp

5 days of coding and fun

Now more than ever we need to prepare our kids for the future. Sign up to our Coding Camp for your kids to develop essential 21st century skills, play and thrive. 

Change The Way You See The World with Code!

Now more than ever we need to prepare our kids for the future. They are part of an ever changing world at the cusp of technological advancement every single day. Coding camp is a week-long camp where kids will spend 3 hours per day in the presence of our instructors to learn about Block Coding. Block coding is part of software development and programming that is used to create codes in a visual and simple way. Kids develop their coding, problem solving and logical thinking skills by developing their story and using block coding to create animations and games.

What They'll Learn


Develop essential STEAM skills for our tech-driven world


Learn the basics of coding using block-based programming (scratch)


Create their own video game and characters


Learn programming logic with loops, variables, conditionals and functions

Throughout this week campers will also be able to develop their critical thinking, problem solving and abstract thinking skills. They will also be expected to engage in group projects and help their peers through collaborative learning.


"My daughter really liked the online coding camp! She did one year of coding at another institution 3 years ago and hated it! She told me she learnt more in 5 days than during an entire year!

- Delphine, mum of an 11-year-old




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Perfect start to code for any kid who has not coded before

Age 8-13

Rs 3500

Beginner level

No prerequisites

5 days

3 hours per day


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Ideal for any kid with some prior coding experience wanting to learn more

Age 8-13

Rs 3500

Intermediate level

Prerequisite: Starter Camp

5 days

3 hours per day

Meet our Instructors

Sarah’s role is to develop a fun, relevant and stimulating curriculum. She plays a key role in education focused research towards building our platform. She has extensive experience using interactive pedagogy to train leaders. Her experience also include teaching in the private educator sector in Mauritius and working with students across Singapore on their community projects. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education.

Sarah Li

Head of Instructional Design

Jade enjoys spending time with our campers and contributes to their learning by always bringing innovative ideas to the work that we do. She also spends her time on product research, design and development in line with our mission to empower change makers with game-based learning. She holds a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. She has spent 6 months working in Cambridge and has worked in the medical device engineering field for 2 years before starting Katapult in 2019.

Jade Li