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Coding Camp

5 days of coding and fun

Now more than ever we need to prepare our kids for the future. Sign up to our online Coding Camp for your kids to develop essential 21st century skills, play and thrive. 

Change The Way You See The World with Code!

We’ve been through a lot over the last months and we’ve seen how technology can have a profound impact on our lives; from healthcare solutions, communicating with our loved ones, crowdsourcing donations and delivering essentials to the population. We’ve all experienced the impact of code on our lives. Now more than ever, we can see how a focus on technology is for our children to prepare them for the future.


The future belongs to our kids and they have the opportunity to make an impact right now. They can invent the world they live in. This July, we’re bringing our camps online, so that your children can get the most out of their holidays while learning how to code. In our camps, they can unleash their creativity, deep dive into the world of technology and explore how they can make a difference in the world.


We hope and we just hope that this sparks a new creative journey into technology for them.

Our online Coding Camp is perfect for developing STEAM skills, playing and thriving. It's going to be even more fun but at home. The students will only need a computer/tablet and an internet connection. They will work through projects independently at their own pace and we will monitor their progress. The Katapult tutors will also be available for video calls.

If you'd like to know more about STEAM and what is Katapult, click here.


"My daughter really liked the online coding camp! She did one year of coding at another institution 3 years ago and hated it! She told me she learnt more in 5 days than during an entire year!

- Delphine, mum of an 11-year-old

What They'll Learn


Develop essential STEAM skills for our tech-driven world


Learn the basics of coding using block-based programming (scratch)


Create their own video game and characters


Learn programming logic with loops, variables, conditionals and functions

If you'd like to know more about STEAM and what is Katapult, click here.

How It's Going Work

The camp will still be happening from 9.00 to 12.00 but instead of coming to our centre, students will stay at home. Parents, if you are worried that your child will be bored, don't! We have taken this into account and we have made the sessions even more interactive. But exactly how is it going to work? 

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Here is a schedule of a typical day at our online coding camp.

9.00 Check-in: Students and teacher check in via online video conference

9.15 Project-based learning: We have interactive projects where students need to complete guided challenges.

10.05 Break for 10 minutes.

10.15 Project-based learning: We have interactive projects where students need to complete guided challenges.

11.05 Break for 10 minutes.

11.15 Online Discussion: Fun video challenge to summarise learning experience.

11.30 Interactive Quiz: This is an interactive fun quiz to test the students' retention.

11.45 Check-in: We check in again on the students to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

12.00 End of session


1:1 Sessions

The students will also have the opportunity to schedule 1:1 online sessions with us. They can do it themselves if they feel they need extra help. We will also be monitoring their progress, so if we feel that they need the extra help, we will be in touch to schedule the 1:1 session with the student.

All You Need to Know


As from 8 yo




5 days


9.00 - 12.00

How to sign up

Register by clicking on the Sign Up button.

1. Create an account on our platform, you will need to fill in your details. 

2. Do the payment via Internet banking or Juice to our account

Any question you can Whatsapp us Or Messenger us:




Limited Seats available, register now!

Register by clicking on the Sign Up button below.

Don't know which one to choose, starter or explorer? Ask your child to take this quiz, click here.


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Perfect start to code for any kid who has not coded before

Age 8-13

6 July - 10 July 2020




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Ideal for any kid with some prior coding experience wanting to learn more

Age 8-13

13 July - 17 July 2020




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For anyone above 14 who wants to get started with code

Age 14+

20 July - 24 July 2020



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