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Katapult specialises into Holiday Camps just for kids ages 6 - 13. Katapult provides campers of ages 6 -13 an incredible range of stimulating and creative activities. We provide an innovative and engaging program for all our campers, no matter their interests and level of experience. Our Holiday Camps are centered around creative problem solving, STEAM, exploration and discovery. We have been running these for over 2 years now and have engaged with 250+ students and 100+ parents have trusted us. We have also run these Holiday Camps in partnership with IBL, Clavis, IPS, and Loretto and have only received really positive feedback about our Holiday Camps. We understand that in this time, parents would like their kids to be occupied in a meaningful way and they want them to learn engaging content.  We value the role that HR Leaders play in this key part of their employees life and we want to support them in their journey to continue providing and improving on the support they can offer to their employees. 

We believe in their vision of providing the best experience for their employees so that they are able to be their best selves at work with high output delivery. We would like to establish corporate partnerships in order to offer these Holidays Camps as part of employee benefit structure and help HR Leaders build more trust and empathy with their employees. We are proposing to bring our Holiday Camps on their premises or any other location exclusively for their employees. However, we value the sanitary protocols and will not compromise on the health and safety of our campers. We have also put together strict guidelines on this that we will be happy to discuss. 


We support change where it is most needed and believe that partnerships like this can truly be impactful.

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Our Clients

International Preparatory School
Loretto College Port Louis
ENL Foundation

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