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The Squishy Circuits Kit

Have you always wanted to get your child involved in their learning in a fun way? Well you will love this post!

We recently launched our first educational STEAM kit, the Squishy Circuits Kit.

The Squishy Circuits Kit

Kids loved it so much during our workshops so we decided to make it into a kit which they can play and learn with at home and on the go. This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to science in an exciting way. With our new kit, it’s easy to support your child’s learning by allowing them to learn through play.

What is it?

The Squishy Circuits Kit is a portable, hands on learning experience for any child over the age of 4 years. All contents of the kit are safe and easy to use! This kit is the perfect introduction to electricity and circuits for your child in a fun and interactive way. Your child will learn all about circuits and electricity with playdough and slime.


Kids learn about circuits and electricity by following step-by-step instructions and video tutorials which are available on our platform. The video tutorials are free and include videos on how to create certain projects with the kit such as race cars and birthday cake!

Learn using the Squishy Circuits project manual


Kids are able to sculpt and build their favourite characters or get creative and construct their own characters using play dough and slime.

Creating different characters using play dough


Finally, kids can bring an entire world from their imagination to life with their circuit and tell their story!

Kids having fun whilst learning about electricity and circuits


Lastly, kids can share their creations with the Katapult community on our platform to inspire others and show what they have learnt.

Share your creations with the Katapult community

Who is it for?

The Squishy Circuits Kit is perfect for parents who are looking to develop their kid’s skills and knowledge through play. In addition, these kits are great for educators who want to teach their students about electricity and circuits in an innovative way.

Learning outcomes

  • Kids are able to learn all about how circuits and electricity work.

  • This kit boosts creative thinking.

  • Kids learn storytelling with the kit.

  • Kids discover that learning doesn’t always have to be boring.

  • This kit encourages kids to explore science.

What’s in the box

What's in the box


At Katapult, we believe in learning through play. Since kids spend most of their childhood playing, they absorb information from games, and this adds to their growth. If their learning is supported by use of games and activities, they will be able to develop thinking and problem-solving skills. For this reason, we include interactive activities in all our courses, workshops and kits to ensure students are gaining relevant knowledge as well as developing their skills.

Want to teach your child about electricity and circuits in an interactive way? Shop our Squishy Circuits Kit now!

Learn more about Squishy Circuits here.


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