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Coding Camp for advanced explorers

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20 July 2020

24 July 2020



Monday to Friday

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Rs 4999


what you'll learn

This camp is perfect if you are anywhere between 14 years old to a school leaver. You want to get started with code but you don't really know how. This course is also a good preparatory course if you are looking to take Computing or IT related subjects at University.

In this one-week camp, you will:

- learn the basics of coding

- start with block-based programming and then transition to script-based languages by the end of the week

- learn programming logic with loops, variables, conditionals and functions

- create your own video game and characters

- develop essential STEM skills for our tech-driven world

In light of what has been happening in the world with Covid-19, we have decided to take precautionary measures. We are taking our Coding Camp from 6-10 April online! It's going to more fun but at home. The students will only need a computer and an internet connection.

How is it going to work?

The camp will still be happening from 9.00 to 12.00 but instead of coming to our centre, students will stay at home. Parents, if you are worried that your child will be bored, don't! We have taken this into account and we have made the sessions even more interactive. But exactly how is it going to work?

Here is a schedule of a typical day at our online coding camp.

9.00 Check-in: Students and teacher check in via online video conference

9.15 Project-based learning: We have interactive projects where students need to complete guided challenges.

10.05 Break for 10 minutes.

10.15 Project-based learning: We have interactive projects where students need to complete guided challenges.

11.05 Break for 10 minutes.

11.15 Online Discussion: Fun video challenge to summarise learning experience.

11.30 Interactive Quiz: This is an interactive fun quiz to test the students' retention.

11.45 Check-in: We check in again on the students to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

12.00 End of session

1:1 Sessions

The students will also have the opportunity to schedule 1:1 online sessions with us. They can do it themselves if they feel they need extra help. We will also be monitoring their progress, so if we feel that they need the extra help, we will be in touch to schedule the 1:1 session with the student.

how to sign up

Register by clicking on the Sign up button. You will be asked to fill out a form. After submitting the form, an invoice will be sent to you with the payment details.

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